who want's to domesticate a monster ??

From time to time I like to open google graphic search and type some phrase, just to find something inspiring. Today I have typed “sad/lonely monster”.  (For some reason I do have some sort of emotional connection to all the monsters, living on our planet.) But then I realized that practically every creature, who can be called monster has to be extremely sad and lonely –at the same time. Who (not including me – but I cannot make friends with EVERY creature on Earth) would like to become friends with something which might be seen in our worst nightmares?  Who has a time and straight to transform ugliness, bad manners,  lack of social behaviors into desired values? Excluding jurors of popular tv shows, who are getting paid for this. The answer is no one . And that is why every picture found in google graphic, after typing “monster” should present depressed creature. 

But for those, who are not afraid, and for those who are still uncertain :

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