what is up?

Seriously? Is it enough to wear a bowler hat, play mandolin, wear a scarf with oversized pullover and present yourself in the woods, or graveyard, to become a musician these days? Jeeeeeeezzzz!!! wondering around youtube :/
here what I would called genuine:

cocoon - chupee

coco rosie - black rainbow (live)

 teebs - LSP

mouse from mars - they know your name

I am one of the researchers, spending sleepless nights on finding new musicians. But lately I am recognizing first signs of boredom, following this pattern.
And I wish very much for myself to discover something simply breathtaking.
So, if You have any good music advices....please do not hestitate to share.  


  1. Haha, I have heard that a bowler hat is true testimony of a good musician. X


  2. ah, you are too sweet :) thank you~ As for musician suggestion.... Muse? You should try some K-pop ... :)